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Flat Roof

Consult a reliable flat roof specialist at to help you decide upon the most suitable flat roofing material for your home or business. Whether you require complete roof restoration or basic roof repair and maintenance, our certified flat roof construction experts will evaluate your existing roof and provide knowledgeable recommendations and customized flat roofing applications that offer energy efficiency and an extended roof life expectancy available in a arrange of flat roofing types.

Flat Roof Options

Torch down


Advanced asphalt based roof tar applications are completed with an extra top layer of gravel that minimizes heat and maximizes durability. Harbor Arbor provides certified and cost effective repair and maintenance for built up roof systems by adding extra heavy duty layers when required.

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Ideal for residential and smaller commercial properties, modified bitumen is easily installed and handled by Harbor Arbor roofing experts who seal seams with the heat application of heavy duty adhesives and durable protective coating finishes.

Flat Roof


Available in large rolls of varying widths up to 50, this rubber flat roofing material is suitable for large commercial and industrial locations and has a proven track record for superior weather resistance and extended flat roof life expectancy.

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Affordable and lightweight, this single ply roofing option is composed of highly durable plastic also used for pipes and plumbing. Ideal for large commercial flat roof installations, Harbor Arbor roofers heat weld PVC sheets that result in waterproof seams and superior durability.

TOP roof installation


Lightweight and affordable, TPO thermoplastic flat roofing material is a one of the newer roofing technologies that is versatile enough to be adapted to a wide range of roofing projects. Installed with heavy duty adhesives or mechanically fastened, TPO flat roof applications requires a clean and uniform substrate and professional installation to ensure proper performance.

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A combination of roofing material, insulation and flashing components, Harbor Arbor SPF flat roofing installations are carried out with high density spray foam that seals leaks and gaps to form a waterproof barrier that also heavily insulates reducing heating and cooling costs. A cost effective option that eliminates the need to tear down the existing roof, consult with our qualified roofers to find out whether an SPF flat roof application would be suitable to your current roof system.


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